John Atkinson Blankets and Throws,

The most diverse colour range of woollen blankets

ever to be seen in New Zealand

Hainsworth Mill

The Hainsworth story is the history of one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom. The company can trace its routes back to the late 18th Century. In 1783 Abimelech Hainsworth, 'Old Bim', started his clothiers business. Cloth would be woven by hand loom weavers in their cottages and collected by 'Old Bim' who would then transport it by horse and cart to Leeds Coloured Cloth Hall. The tradition in the district at the time was to produce cloth dyed in the wool before spinning and weaving.

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Exquisite Wool Blankets

Exquisite wool blankets is part of Yaldhurst Wools Ltd. John Betts the proprietor of Yaldhurst Wools has supplied New Zealand wool to the Hainsworth Mill in West Yorkshire, England for 37 years.

Some of the wool supplied goes into the making of the world renowned John Atkinson blanket, a sub brand of Hainsworth. This blanket has adorned many prestigious beds including those of royalty across Europe and the Middle East.

John's daughter Polly McGuckin has set up Exquisite Wool Blankets and is bringing the John Atkinson Harlequin range of blankets and throws into New Zealand for the very first time.

John Atkinson blankets and throws are a liftetime purchase making them ideal gift for weddings and birthdays and can give any room in the house a splash of colour and warmth.

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