Natural Legacy Woollen Caskets

Natural Legacy wool caskets are a beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional casket.  Gentle on the eye and soft to the touch.  Natural Legacy wool caskets and wool ash caskets are loved by families for the less severe and more personalised farewell.

Suitable for both burial and cremation, the non traditional casket shape, combined with the soft strokeable finish allows a more relatable and less “final” experience for those left behind and can particularly be comforting to sensitive and younger members at a service.

Natural Legacy wool caskets and ash urns are both completed with a delicately stitched personalised nameplate, that can be neatly attached to the casket using two wooden toggles.  A smaller more personalised plate can be supplied for the head of the casket which many families keep and find consoling following the service.

The wool ash urn from Natural Legacy is a soft and multifunctional piece, the ashes are supplied back to the bereaved family with a secondary internal box, which can then be removed for scattering or burial, leaving the tactile outer to be used as a memory box holding precious moments and treasures belonging to the deceased.

Our Natural Legacy Wool Caskets come in two colours, wool white and sand stone grey and a range of sizes.
Natural Legacy is available on request through all funeral homes.
Overnight delivery in the South Island and two working days delivery in the North.