Colour Descriptions

Wool Banket Descriptions

Each piece of cloth is batched dyed so there can be a slight variation between batch colours.
We do our utmost to bring you as close a colour match to what you are viewing online.
Wool white
 Wool white Creates a refreshing and clean look to any room
Offers a sense of naturalness and comfort to a room, will make a room very welcoming
Can give formality that is subtle elegance with being conservative.
Communicates happiness and warmth, this beautiful bright harvest yellow adds a definite warmth to the room.
Cheerful cherry is a stunning true red and can make a room feel more intimate. Cheery raises a rooms energy level.
Pale pink
This pretty pink creates a fresh and fine atmosphere to the room. Pale pink is a very soothing and comfortable fresh colour.
Creates a very luxurious and expensive environment to your room. The wow colour in our range.
Sky blue
Creates a cool clean look to your room. Ideal in a bedroom setting as it is considered a calming, relaxing and refreshing colour. A stunning blue.
Creates a true sense of elegance and style to your room. This beautiful blue is a true navy blue
Tomato is described as an autumn rusty red. An elegant colour that works extremely well with raw linen, white and your autumn tones.
Our statement colour, evokes excitement and enthusiasm. Is an energetic colour also looks amazing with whites and raw linens.
This beautiful rich chocolate brown offers a softer option to black for interiors. The colour bark is associated with a sense of belonging with family and friends. A very serviceable colour.
Sage is such a soothing green, a very restful colour. Can also coordinate with a lot of colours and also works well with your autumn tones.
Camel is sophistication and works beautifully with navy and neutrals.
Taupe is described as a beautiful warm earth tone and coordinates with so many colours. A great gift colour as it really does suit all interior colours.
Lime such a stunning colour that gets people talking, Lime is a refreshing statement and looks truly amazing with white and navy. Will create that pop of colour for your room.